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Build Rewarding Relationships
Build Rewarding Relationships

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Romantic relationships

Are you endlessly repeating the same pattern in your love life? Do you start off full of hope that you have met ‘the one’ yet six months, a year, five years down the line everything deteriorates? Do you always attract the liars, the cheats, the two-timers yet you know you deserve so much better? All of these scenarios are vibrational issues; whether you know it or not, you may be attracting precisely what you don’t want because, subconsciously, that’s what you’ve come to expect. – and that’s how the Law of Attraction works. EFT and the Law of Attraction combine powerfully to help you to break these patterns. Ask Heather or take a look at our Law of Attraction sessions

Family relationships

All kind of events impact upon us when we are growing up and get stored away as ‘truths’ in the sub-conscious mind. Resentments, anger, rejection, bitterness, hurt, inadequacy, fear, trying, failing many forgotten emotions are stored away by that inner child and go on growing, unnoticed and often out of all proportion to the adult reality. And those are the hidden switches that can sometimes be flicked on by the most innocent of exchanges. EFT can help you make peace with your family, the friends you’ve fallen out with and with current conflicts that have their roots in triggered responses from childhood.

Work relationships

If there’s someone at work that you just can’t get along with, start by looking at what it is you dislike about them and check whether it’s a reflection of something you dislike about yourself – then use EFT to explore that realisation in more depth. See if you can develop an understanding of what’s going on for the other person – and you – and use tapping to turn off your negative responses.  Another common problem is that someone at work – often a boss – will trigger a buried memory of some form of childhood (or later) bullying or aggression and you will be catapulted back into the vulnerability of that moment, often without realising it. So, when you feel ill at ease, inadequate or generally ‘got-at’ try EFT to get to the root of the problem, place it into context (that was then, this is now) and help you to step safely back into your calm and responsible adult self.

Heather Carter uses Emotional Freedom Technique – over the telephone or face to face -  to help you to deal with all of these relationship issues:

  • Bullying
  • Loss
  • Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Toxic parents and siblings
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Repeating destructive patterns
  • ...........and more

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