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Power up your Performance
Power Up Your Performance

You are more powerful and more creative than you know. Your thoughts create your success or failure. And it is the power of your thoughts that can create unhelpful and sometimes alarming symptoms of nerves, anxiety and fear.

Shortness of breath, tight chest, dry throat, sweating palms, watering eyes, short term memory loss ....... we’ve all experienced them at some time or another, going on stage to speak, act or perform, being interviewed, facing an overwhelmingly new social or work situation, even just meeting someone new. With EFT in your tool box, you can readily calm yourself and gently overcome your fears and, with them, all of those uncomfortable symptoms. You do it, not by fighting the feelings but by accepting them. Only then can you move comfortably towards the positive outcome you desire. Check out Heather’s video demonstration of EFT basics here (link) and use set up phrases such as:
  • Even though the thought of standing up in public makes my legs weak and my throat dry up (be as specific as you can), I completely accept myself
  • Even though I always land in the bunker at the 8th, I’m a great golfer
  • Even though I go to pieces in interviews and my mind goes blank when I’m asked a question, I have great skills and experience. I deserve to get the job

Sometimes, of course, there are deeper levels of subconscious thought driving your fears and anxieties, and you may need more persistence to trace and delete unhelpful background ‘software’ that’s telling your subconscious mind that, in some way, (and it doesn’t have to be logical), it isn’t safe for you to be successful. If that happens, keep tapping, questioning yourself, listen carefully to the answers and tap on them – however unconnected to issue they may seem.

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