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Fight Off Phobias
Fight Off Phobias

When I was about five years old, in the fifties, my family were picnicking in the car with my grandmother sandwiched between us kids in the back.

A wasp flew into the car, grandma screamed in terror, threw her jelly and cream up in the air and fought her way out of the car, trampling everything and everyone in her path. My grandmother was a tiny but feisty lady who had lived through two world wars and would stand up to anyone and any thing so, if she was terrified, wasps must be the devil incarnate. Thus began my own phobia of wasps – perfectly understandable in a small child, but hardly useful in an adult.

In my twenties, I trod on a wasp which, not unreasonably, stung my bare foot . It didn’t even hurt all that much if I’m honest, but I shook for days afterwards. In my thirties, pregnant with my elder daughter, I was stung on the leg. Again, it didn’t really hurt and I had no swelling or other major reaction, yet panic set in – would the baby be affected? – and anxiety raged for days.

To anyone with just a normal respect for the fabled aggression of the wasp, these may seem like extreme reactions. The person with the phobia is also aware of that, but feels incapable of controlling a fear which is out of all proportion to the real threat to personal safety. A fear which may become life-limiting.

These days, wasps don’t bother me at all. Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t deliberately antagonise one or knowingly walk into a swarm of them: that’s just common sense. But I can sit calmly and unconcerned when they’re buzzing around a picnic or going about their business when I’m gardening. What made the difference? Emotional Freedom Technique. It was an incredibly easy process because I already knew where my fear had come from and all I had to do was to play the movie (called Grandma Turned to Jelly) in my head whilst tapping on all the feelings and sensations my five year old self had stored away in the trauma capsule entitled Major Danger to Life and Limb, and to which I had unconsciously added confirming experiences as the years went by.

Almost miraculously the tapping changed the way I perceived those events; I could see the funny side, I could put into perspective the minor irritation that ensues from any wasp sting – which I had already experienced and survived, as had the child I was carrying! Oh, the relief of being able to see – and feel - things in perspective and no longer have to make a spectacle of myself in public every summer! In an hour of focused EFT I neutralised a lifetime phobia – and there’s every possibility that you can do it too, either with my help or by learning EFT for yourself. 

I have worked with many clients who have successfully overcome their phobias including fear of flying, spiders, frogs, heights, driving up hills, crossing bridges, speaking in public, and I would be delighted to help you to get to the root of your own phobias and let them go. Just contact us for information or make an appointment by phone, Skype or face to face..